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Both elegant and severe, these strappy cage sandals aim to tantalise. A T-bar runs down the centre of the foot and they fasten with many small buckles on the outside. Each strap is fed through the T-bar so when adjusted they stay centred. Choose from gold or silver buckles.

  • Heel height: 5.5 - 7 inches (Heel height will vary according to shoe size, due to the extreme arch of these heels. For example, a size 4 will be 5.5”, a size 8 will be 6.5” and a size 12 will be 7”)
  • High quality genuine leather upper & lining
  • Metal top pieces

    To ensure a tight fit, we recommend you send us an ankle measurement upon ordering.

    Other colours, material and sizes on request.

    Completion of orders is chronological. Due to the high quality of our craftsmanship and the labour intensive nature of our work, we ask that all customers exercise patience in order that we can provide the perfection we always strive to achieve. Please contact us when ordering for information regarding completion times:

    Shown here in black patent with beige resin soles.

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