About Us


Founded in 2009 as Fabulously Fetish in London, The Custom Boot and Shoe Company has an internationally celebrated history dedicated to bringing fantasies to life, wrapping them in luxury, and making them feel intoxicating in the most sensuously crafted fetish shoes in the world today. Bringing together a deep appreciation for iconic silhouettes, perfect constructions, and a rich and supple repertoire of shapes, colours, and textures, all with a stunning, yet subtle, attention to detail, refinement, and technique, we've nurtured a commitment with decades of passion to create high heels that can only be described as breathtaking and penetrating through to your very senses.

From the classical and iconic through to the most nuanced extremes of the unique, and truly exotic, our dedicated craftsmanship is renowned for its ability to please even the most demanding repertoire of tastes and do so with a commitment to quality that's unmistakable to the very fabric of our every pair of heels. Combining hints of vintage boudoir glamour with contemporary fashion sensibilities, and a penchant for perfectly form fitting boots, our silhouettes and perfectly refined constructions distil the richest and most enduring archetypes of fetishism into their most inescapable essences, building a collection that excites the mind as much as it inspires the deepest intimacies of our innermost desires.

Completely bespoke and made by hand to detailed measurements of your leg, we craft every pair from only the very finest of leathers, line them with decadence, and bring them to life with an absolutely unique level of control over every single detail of finished product. And with an ever expanding range of accessories and embellishments, all available in a full selection of colours and finishes, tailored to match even the most demanding precisions of your tastes, our heels are the hallmark of a demonstrated ability to nurture even the most particular of fantasies, and showcase through them what it means to really satisfy something vital to our natures in the process: transforming fantasies into something you can really touch, and do it with breathtaking fits that flatter the figure in a way that simply defies everything you know about how a pair of heels should really feel.

Custom Boot and Shoe Company heels are designed to accentuate every intimate curvature of the leg and the perfectly supported archway of the foot, wrap it all tightly in the unmistakable name of uncompromising luxury, and do it in a way that embraces your desires, seduces your senses, and makes them all feel, quite simply, completely irresistible.



Constantinos Kyriacou, also known as Cos K, was one of the original pioneers of the 6" stiletto heel, and after over 30 years of mastering the most detailed intricacies of its construction, curvature, and shape, has gained more knowledge and understanding of fetish shoes than anybody else in the industry today.

Having grown up in a shoemaking family, Cos K learnt his trade working in his father’s business, The City Cobbler in the heart of London, where he first developed his skills making bespoke men's & ladies' footwear in the mid-1980's. He later relocated to Shepherds Bush in West London, where he cultivated a successful relationship with the wardrobe department at the BBC and The Royal Shakespeare Company, making shoes for many well-known celebrities and actors, including his decade long relationship with Paisley Park as the shoemaker for Prince, the artist.

And it wasn't just there that Cos K's skills were sought after, either, and his ability to realize even the most demanding shoe concepts and designs made his work a regular feature on the catwalks of high fashion, working with designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Katharine Hamnett and Betty Jackson, to name a few.

But despite what had become a flourishing career working with some of the most well-regarded names in fashion, Cos K’s real passion was always for manufacturing his own original fetish designs.

And so, when he was first approached by Roger & Sarah Adams to engineer a range of 6" stiletto heels and extreme pointed toes, he found himself inescapably immersed, and after just a glance at what it meant to enjoy the unrestrained creative freedom afforded by the fetish industry, and the friendly and open minded nature of the customers themselves as well, he quickly went on to become one of the founding members of the now-famous brands Leatherworks and Cosmic, before leaving to pursue his own interests, and create a brand with a commitment to craftsmanship so uncompromising that it could only be described as uniquely his own.

Fabulously Fetish, and now the Custom Boot and Shoe Company, is the distillation of that pursuit, and as the culmination of all the expertise and passion Cos K has gained over the years, is the work of a decades long career in search of the world's most stunning fetish shoes.